July 25, 2025

  1. Citation or GTFO. Trust in yourself, everyone else has to provide evidence.

  2. There is no free energy. Tesla was an engineer, not a hippie.

  3. Haters Gonna Hate, Flux ‘em if they can’t take a joke. Do what you feel is right.

  4. Do not create another victim. You cannot sustainably help someone else at your own expense. Find a balance.

  5. Moderation in all things, including moderation.

  6. So long as it’s not a danger to themselves or anyone else, what people do with their own lives, homes, and bodies is their own business. We all walk a hard road and battle our own demons, be kind to others. The Church of Tesla welcomes all rational people regardless of sexuality, race, kinks, or weirdness. We do require a fundamental standard of hygiene and cleanliness however. (you can’t win someone over if they can’t stand to be near you)

  7. Take what you do seriously, but never take yourself too seriously. We are all talking monkeys with shoes. Everything can be made fun of, including things that are sacred.

  8. Find your passion, explore it as deep as you can. There is much to be learned in play. Take time to feed the pigeons and have some fun.

  9. Nothing is set in stone, everything can, and often should be questioned.

  10. Facts are more important than factions, feelings, family, and friends. Difficult conversations build better bonds than comfortable lies.